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J’s Cycles workshop

Increase performance, comfort and efficiency whilst decreasing injury risks with a bike fit. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or purchasing your first bike, a bike fit can help you ride further, faster and in more comfort than before.

Our services:

Road/mountain bike fit: £100

Time trial/triathlon bike fit: £150

Saddle fit: £35

Custom orthotics moulding and fitting: £125

New bike consultation: £50 (refundable with the purchase of a new bike)

The bike fit process:

  • Interview - This is where you and our experienced bike fitter will discuss your cycling history, any previous injuries and your goals for the future. This will help them gain an in-depth understanding of where you want to be positioned on the bike.
  • Physical assessment - before getting into the bike fit, our fitter needs to know how flexible and strong you are. This will start as an off bike assessment to look at your posture and see if there’s any imbalances. They will also look at your range of motion to help guide the fit.
  • On-bike analysis - our fitter will assess your current position and take a range of measurements from your current setup. They will then optimise, cleat, shoe, orthotic, saddle and handlebar position to best suit your specific needs.
  • Post fit report - you will receive a detailed post it report with your previous and new measurements and include any recommendations.
  • Follow up - we’re confident that your new position will help you reach your goals. We’ll schedule a follow up appointment or call to review your adaption to the new fit and if any adjustments need to be made.

Custom orthotics

Created in 30-minutes or less, you will have a ready-to-use custom footbed that is specifically moulded to the contours of the foot

The key to more comfort, fewer injuries, and higher power output comes from a combination of the proper shoes and footbeds. Ours keep your pedal stroke stabilised and aligned for power, comfort and your most efficient ride yet.

Saddle fit

Are you riding on the correct saddle?

The digital sit bone device (DSD) has one goal - making long days in the saddle more comfortable. The DSD takes the guess work out of choosing the right saddle. It uses the latest pressure-mapping technology to determine your optimal saddle width - improving fit and making long days on the bike much more manageable.

New bike consultation

Not sure what bike will best suit your riding style and fit requirements? A new bike consultation is the perfect way to remove any guesswork and countless hours of looking at geometry charts!

Meet the bike fitter:

Multiple time National Champion, Ironman finisher and ultra gravel racer, Kevin Dawson, has drawn from his years of experience to help make people go faster, for longer and in comfort. Whether you are looking to improve your aerodynamics to go quicker, improve your triathlon bike position so you can run off the bike, take on a multi day ultra event, or simply race your mates to the cafe, Kevin will be able to help you reach your goals.