What’s new? Why buy? Are these pedals right for me? Powermeter on an E-road bike? 

Wahoo have now concreted themselves as the go-to brand in cycling and triathlon for indoor training and GPS computers & wearables. With their recent acquisition of Speedplay pedals, it wasn’t going to be long before a brand collaboration made an appearance. 

This looks like the new Powerlink Zero Dual and single sided Power metre pedals. Wahoo have taken the popular but potentially sometimes overlooked Speedplay pedal system and added a power metre to it! Available from £549.99 ( single ) and £849.99 for the dual, these are a great addition to the stable of a Speedplay pedal lover or a Wahooligan! But if you are looking for your first powermeter or to replace an existing unit, why buy the Powerlink?

As a start the Lolipop looking speedplay pedal system is fantastic – Dual sided for easy entry, The most aero pedal on the market, ton’s of adjustment and all importantly the cleats are walkable. Further to this as its a pedal based system its easily transferable between bikes for those lucky enough to have more than one! Yes this is not the most cost effective solution on the market however with the might of wahoo behind this you can guarantee the reliability and backup is second to none. This is a point I can’t stress enough as there is nothing more frustrating than being halfway through a training session and your setup dropping out and losing the power reading – something that we hear a lot of from the other brands currently on the market.

Wahoo have chosen a sealed bearing for the powerlink – vital for product longevity – it does look incredibly well sealed ( ipx7 rated ) so no need to worry about servicing them, with a claimed minimal full charge life of 75 hours you won’t have to worry about charging them every pair of plates either – all in all making them a low maintenance solution. 

Having seen a huge increase in Electric road bike sales and enquiries we have also seen the demand and need for powermeters to fit these steeds – Something i’m sure the keyboard critics will have something to say about i believe no matter what power you exert and whether you require electric assistant or not, having the feedback of the numbers from a powermeter is something that many people want/need. The Wahoo Powerlink system is the perfect solution to what can be a minefield of getting the correct powermeter for an E-roadbike; easy entry, simple installation, reliable and autocalibrating. 

Wahoo has seemingly smashed it out of the part with the Powerlink – Yes the name could be easily mean its confused with Sram quick link however if you are looking for a new power metre in 2022 this has to be considered – the dual sided for accuracy within 1% as well as left right balance. The single side for anyone wanting a power reading that’s accurate, reliable and user friendly.

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