Day 1: Training Ride – Warming Up in Style

The Pas Normal Studios Brand Summit kicked off in Copenhagen with a training ride following “The classic Amager loop” AKA Wout Van Aert’s favourite bike path, that set the tone for the days to come. Retailers and ambassadors from around the world gathered, united by their passion for the sport and their admiration for Pas Normal Studios’ commitment to quality and style. The air was filled with excitement as we geared up ready to test our legs.

The ride took us through the picturesque city centre utilising the fantastic cycling infrastructure. We were soon out on to quiet country roads and the famous bike path which gave us a chance to test our legs against each other and the roaring headwind. We quickly got to know one another and share our enthusiasm for the brand. As we pedalled through the serene landscapes, it was clear that this summit was going to be more than just a showcase of products—it was a celebration of the cycling community.

Day 2: Epic Road Ride – Conquering the Danish Roads
The second day of the summit was the highlight for many: an epic road ride that promised both adventure and challenge. This ride was designed to push our limits and allow us to experience the full potential of Pas Normal Studios’ gear in more demanding conditions.

We set out early, the group buzzing with anticipation. The route was a testament to Denmark’s diverse terrain, taking us from the heart of Copenhagen to more rolling countryside that defines the Danish landscape. The ride was tough but exhilarating, even though we did experience a true ‘Danish summer’ with a rain storm hitting us early on. It would take more than some rain to stop us, the camaraderie among participants was palpable; we encouraged each other, shared tips, and marveled at the stunning vistas that unfolded with every turn.

Pas Normal Studios’ commitment to detail and functionality shone through as we tackled the route. The gear proved its worth, offering comfort and performance, The day ended with tired legs but high spirits, as we gathered to share stories of the ride over a well-deserved drink.

Day 3: Training Ride – Embracing the Elements
It was clear to see there was some tired legs on day three as we all met up at the Pas Normal Studios HQ earlier than anticipated to miss the forecasted rain shower later that day. Coffee was the priority for most riders to help wake up the mind and legs ahead of the ride.

The final ride of the saw the group ride out to Vedbaek and the “Sandbjerg” loop. The loop is well known amongst cyclists based in the area thanks to it’s quiet roads allowing us to go all out and have a friendly race around the loop. As expected the pace wound up very quickly with riders shooting off and being caught almost constantly, leaving it down to a sprint for the ‘finishing line’, aka a bridge that goes over the road.

Workshops and Product Overview – Diving into Innovation
After three days of riding, the summit concluded with a series of workshops. These sessions provided an in-depth look at the innovation and craftsmanship that go into every piece of Pas Normal Studios gear and looked at how we can all work together.

The workshops covered a range of topics, from the design process and material selection to increasing the amount of women riding and the PAS foundation. We had the opportunity to engage with design director, Karl Oskar Olsen, gaining insights into his creative vision and commitment to quality. The product overview showcased the latest collections, highlighting the blend of performance and style that Pas Normal Studios is renowned for.

Conclusion: A Celebration of Cycling Culture
The Pas Normal Studios Brand Summit in Copenhagen was more than just an event; it was a celebration of cycling culture and community. Over three days, we experienced the thrill of riding through Denmark, braving the elements, and connecting with fellow enthusiasts. Pas Normal Studios not only showcased their exceptional products but also reinforced their dedication to the cycling community. This summit was a reminder of why we ride and the joy that comes from pushing our limits, exploring new landscapes, and sharing the journey with others.

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