specialized road bike

Whether you’re taking on an alpine switchback climb, exploring new gravel roads, sprinting for signs with your mates on a group ride or on the bike leg of a triathlon, Specialized make the perfect bike for every rider. Find out more with our specialized road bike range overview below…

Every Specialized road bike has the same DNA – Rider First Engineered.

No matter what size bike you ride, it should perform flawlessly. That is why Specialized have tweaked the layup and construction of each size frame, from XXS-XXL, to ensure each bike has the same renowned handling and performance characteristics. 

Aero Is Everything.

Specialized were not content with following aero trends. Instead they went and built their own aero tunnel, the Win Tunnel. This has led to a constant evolution of their performance road bikes, Roval wheels and components. This evolution can be seen in the new Tarmac SL7, which is faster than the original out and out aero Venge.

Smoother is faster.

Not every rider wants to get from A to B as quickly as possible, sometimes it is about the journey. Specialized realised this years ago and introduced the Future Shock. Now in version 2.0 it’s included on the Roubaix and Diverge models. Giving a smooth and confident ride, whilst maintaining the all important ride characteristics Future Shock 2.0 has changed the game.


Aero bike or climbing bike? Riders no longer have to make that choice. Whether you see yourself as an out and out sprinter like Mark Cavendish, going on long range attacks like Anna van der Breggen or out-climbing the world’s best like Julian Allaphilipe, the Tarmac can do it all, faster.


One of the most technically advanced bikes Specialized have made, the Roubaix incorporates cutting edge Silicon Valley technology to help riders conquer the Queen of the Classics, the Hell of the North. Whilst most riders will never ride Paris-Roubaix, we all know what it’s like to ride bad roads. Future Shock 2.0 makes bad roads a thing of the past. Suspending the rider with 20mm of compliance and a more endurance focussed geometry, the Roubaix is the perfect bike for long miles. Want the more aggressive geometry of the Tarmac but the compliance of the Roubaix? Then look no further than the S-Works team edition, ridden to victory on the Roubaix velodrome.


The rule breaker. The Aethos is what happens when you throw out the rulebook about how carbon should be used to make bikes. Oh and if you throw out the UCI minimum weight limit as well. Aethos is the ultimate bike for people who just love to ride bikes. If enjoying the ride is more important than getting to the finish first, the Aethos is the bike for you. That being said, it is the lightest production bike Specialized make, coming in at 5.9kg in it’s lightest build. Don’t tell the UCI.


With confidence, comes speed. With a new type of rider comes a new breed of bike. More and more riders are looking to push their limits and travel the road less ridden. The Diverge is the perfect bike for this, whether you’re linking up local loops with that singletrack short cut, or taking on an epic bike packing trip, the Diverge will keep coming back for more. More speed, distance and challenge.


The all new Crux is no longer a Cyclocross bike that works well on gravel. It’s the world’s lightest gravel bike that will still outperform most cyclocross bikes. The engineers took the revolutionary carbon wizardry of the Aethos, turned it up to 11 and the new Crux was born. Built for the gravel rider who asks themself, what can I leave behind, rather than what can I take,  Crux is the quickest way from A to B on, or off road.


Riding the local club 10 or crushing the Queen K Highway out in Kona, the Specialized Shiv is the quickest way from A to B on a bike. The Shiv comes in two variants, the UCI legal TT module which is one of the quickest TT bikes on the market, not to mention the lightest and best handling. Or the full fat Tri version where the Specialized engineers went to town on creating the fast bike possible. Not only that, it also has ample storage, adjustability and it’s even easy to travel with. Specialized know these things count, after all, races aren’t held in wind tunnels, they’re all over the world in unpredictable paces.


The Allez redefines the ‘entry level’ market segment. Instead of cutting corners to meet a price point, Specialized have cut the weight on the Allez frame and fork. Not only does it need to be light when you’re riding it, but it’s even better if it’s light when you’re carrying it to your office on a fast commute. Featuring a range of well-specced builds the Allez is the perfect first road bike, fast commuter of winter steed.

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