Roval are more than just an ‘in house componentry’ brand. They are at the cutting edge of product design, take the class leading Alpinist CLX wheels, weighing only 1248g for the pair, or the Traverse SL, tested by the likes of Hannah Barnes and Martin Soderstrom. Whatever Roval product you choose you can be sure it has been tested to the limits by the pro’s!

Roval road range

Ridden at the highest level by both the Deceuninck – Quick-Step and Bora – Hansgrohe pro cycling teams, you can be sure that Roval wheels will help you reach that World Championship finish line or signpost sprint first!

Standout products in the range include 

  • Alpinist CLX wheelset, a mountain goat’s dream weighing only 1248g. You’ll be climbing with ease on these wheels.
  • Alpinist cockpit, we all know an integrated cockpit looks cool, it’s even better when it only weighs 255g. A quality way to finish off any superbike, especially for all the weight weenies!
  • Rapide CLX wheelset, no one rides in a wind tunnel, these are the fastest wheels in the real world. Crosswind, no problem. Categorised climbs, not an issue. 1,000w+ sprints, time and time again. These are a true do it all wheel.
  • Roval 321 Disc. Aero is everything. Looking for the ultimate disc wheel for an all out 10 mile TT or to take to Kona? The Roval 321 is the world’s most aerodynamic wheel.

Roval gravel range

Terra is the go-to line for gravel racers and long distance riders. From the all out Terra CLX EVO wheel, putting the monster in monster-cross to the confidence inspiring handlebar and seatpost that adds that little bit of extra comfort for those 200km gravel grinder epics.

Standout products include:

  • Terra CLX wheelset – weighing only 1296g, (with rim tape and valves!) this wheelset is lighter than most high-end road wheelsets, yet it is built to stand up to the demands of gravel riding. The ever reliable DT Swiss internals will keep things running smooth to make sure you can focus on riding.
  • Terra handlebar – with an optimised carbon layup to help reduce fatigue and an ergonomic shape with extra flare in the drops for that all important descending confidence, these are the bars for your next gravel bike.
  • Terra seatpost – the engineers at Roval have made some more carbon wizardry, making an incredibly strong seatpost that is also super compliant or the day/s long gravel epic rides.

Roval XC range

XC has come a long way in the past few years, courses have been getting increasingly technical with more gnarly features than before. There’s no doubt that riders have stepped up to this challenge, and Roval have as well, making wheels for World Cup winners and us weekend warriors alike.

Standout products include:

  • Control SL –  a 1240g wheelset will excite any XC racer. A 1240g wheelset that rides well, is super durable and 22% less likely to pinch flat your tyres is an XC racers dream.
  • Control 29 148 – Aluminium has been given a bad name in recent years. In the right hands they can still make a great wheelset with many of the same riding properties as carbon, all in a more budget friendly package.

Roval trail range

From laid back evening singletrack sessions to big backcountry days, trail wheels need to be built to take on the biggest of lines and hits.

Standout products include:

  • Traverse SL – A super light, super durable all mountain wheel. Want to hit the bikepark? No issues. Hitting the backcountry rock garden? No problems. The only thing that will slow you down with this wheelset is your imagination.
  • Traverse alloy – bringing the tech from Roval’s all singing and dancing wheelsets to a price point so us weekend warriors don’t have to stop and think everytime we want to go full chat through a rock garden/
  • Traverse SL 35 handlebar – light enough that XC racers will use it, yet strong enough that trail riders can abuse it. This bar is all things to all riders.

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